How Can Seniors Protect Themselves from the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), older adults, 65 years and older, are at higher risk for severe illness. The CDC recommendations include: staying home, washing your hands often, avoiding close contact with sick individuals, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched services, avoiding all cruise travel and non-essential air travel, and calling your healthcare provider if you have concerns about COVID-19. Check out this video on "what older

Senior Nutrition Tips

According to the National Council on Aging, here are 6 tips to help you find the best foods for your body and your budget: 1. Know what a healthy plate looks like You might remember the food pyramid, but the USDA recently unveiled a simpler way to help people see what they should eat each day. It’s called MyPlate. The simple graphic shows exactly how the five food groups should stack up on your plate. These are the building blocks for a healthy diet. 2. Look for important nut

Take Care of Your Heart

According to the Centers for Disease Control, " 1 in 3 deaths in the United States is due to cardiovascular disease. People of all ages, genders, races, and ethnicities are affected. However, certain groups—including African Americans and older individuals, are at higher risk than others.Nearly half of all African American adults have some form of cardiovascular disease that includes heart disease and stroke.High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke

Genetic Testing Fraud: A Concerning Trend

Did you know that seniors, specifically Medicare beneficiaries are often the target of pharmacogenomic schemes. Pharmacogenomics is the testing of specific genes to gauge how patients will react to certain medications. According to an article from the National Council on Aging, "health fairs, senior centers and telemarketing calls are high areas of risk for seniors vulnerable to the social skills of con artists." Check out the full article here: